Why this community exists

The Killer Tribes Blogger Community is a collection of people who believe 3 things:

1. EVERYONE has something valuable to say.
2. Everything is better when experienced in a healthy COMMUNITY.
3. A blog is the best way to SHARE WHO YOU ARE and connect with others.

EVERYONE has something valuable to say. – We believe that every person brings a unique perspective to the world. This perspective is formed by their experiences, their tastes, their dreams, and their unique talents and abilities. No one else on earth is like you, and because of that there is nothing more important than what you have to say about the things that matter to you.

Everything is better when experienced in a healthy COMMUNITY. – Life is better when it’s done with people who resonate with the things that move you. Every blogger in our community knows the commitment involved in maintaining a healthy blog. We get it, and we get why your blog is so important to you.

A blog is the best way to SHARE WHO YOU ARE and connect with others. – We love blogging because it makes it easy to share your thoughts on anything you want with anyone you want. Whether you’re on WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, or Tumblr, your blog gives you the tools you need to share your voice and connect with others. That’s why we love blogging.


How does this community help bloggers?

You’ll have a safe place to bounce around ideas – Our forums are some of the most positive and encouraging on the entire web because we designed them that way. We set the tone early, and we have worked hard to maintain that culture. No question is too basic, no idea is too crazy. Everyone is looking to help each other out, and being bloggers, we can relate to whatever it is you want to throw out there.

You’ll get better at blogging - We’ve all got a long way to go, and as long as you come in ready to be a learner you are going to get better. Our monthly newsletter highlights some of the best stuff we’ve seen with regards to building tribes and blogging smarter. And the coaching webinars launching in October will feature Bryan and some of the sharpest bloggers on the web today.

You’ll make some new friends – Blogging is all about connecting with other people, and being a part of this community sets you up to make meaningful connections. As fellow bloggers, we know how much time and effort goes in to writing posts, planning content, interacting with readers, marketing yourself, and maintaining your site. We’re in the same boat as you, so as we get to know you and your blog friendships will form naturally because of the shared experiences.

You can make a few bucks – Only community members can sign up for the Community affiliate program, which gets you two free months of the community for every member who joins through your referral link. Win-win for everyone!

You’ll get more readers – At first it will just be the other bloggers in the community. And as you connect with them they’ll want to share your stuff with their readers too. We’ll highlight you on the Community blog and the Community Twitter Feed, and you’ll get opportunities to write for the blog at KillerTribes.com, which will be launching in mid-October. At the end of the day, your blog traffic is going to go up through the connections you make.

You’ll feel like you’re finally getting as much out of blogging as you’re putting into it – That’s the goal, right? You don’t blog because it’s easy. You blog because you feel compelled to do it. You love writing, and you love the immediacy of sharing about the things that resonate with you and seeing if they resonate with other people. We exist to help you do that because we believe everyone should be connecting and sharing through a blog.

What does community membership get you?

  • Our bi-weekly newsletter featuring tips, tricks, insight, and other nonsense.
  • Access to all the boards on our community forum.
  • The chance to submit blog posts to be highlighted on the My Killer Tribe Blog.
  • Access to quarterly web chats on blogging and social media
  • A 60% discount on tickets to next year’s Killer Tribes Conference. (see FAQ for eligibility details)
  • Your own membership number and listing in the Community Directory .


What Folks are Saying…

“I am absolutely loving this community.” – Shawn Smucker, ShawnSmucker.com

“I’m sure I’m not the first to say this, but what you provide in this community goes way beyond the membership fee. You seriously undercharge.” – Scott Kerzner, InDueSeason.net

“This community has opened me up to a whole new world of bloggers who are looking to connect & grow together. I’ve seen traffic increase in many ways as a result.” – from an anonymous member survey we did in 2011 (I wish I could link to the blogger who said it!)

“I feel like I have made a bunch of new friends. There is a really positive vibe and everyone wants to help each other. I also love that it feels safe to ask “dumb” questions that you think everyone knows but you.” – Ben Emerson, The Whole Dang Thing

Is the community run by robots and databases?

Nope. It’s run by a guy who loves blogging.

Sign Up is Easy

When you click to join you’ll use our secure signup page (through Merchee.com) to subscribe with your Visa or Mastercard. If you ever want to cancel your membership it’s as easy as logging into your Merchee account and canceling the subscription. (A little too easy!)

To take your blog to the next level, you’re going to have to take some steps you haven’t taken before. The Killer Tribes Blogger Community was created for bloggers just like you, to help you get more out of blogging than you ever have before. Hope to see you on the inside!


Still have questions?

Check out the FAQ or send us an email.